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Alumni Student

Name: Nuwagaba Kabakyenga Ponsiano
Race: Black African
Gender: Male
Nationality: Ugandan

Indicate which programme you have completed: “Access to and Utilization of Antenatal Care Services by Women with Physical Disabilities in Rural South-western Uganda”

Supervisory team: 

Main supervisor: A/Prof. Sheila Clow
Co-supervisor/s: Theresa Lorenzo

What is/was your study about?

My study is about understanding the experiences of women with physical disabilities in their access to and utilization of antenatal care services in rural South-western Uganda and how they are constrained and/or enabled in accessing and utilization these services.  I want to understand why pregnant women with physical disabilities in rural South-western Uganda access and utilize antenatal care services the way they do.

Where do you work?

Department of Community and Disability Studies, Faculty of Special Needs and Rehabilitation,  Kyambogo University, Kampala - Uganda

Position/Role: Assistant Lecturer

 Career Highlights: 

To develop a reputable career in Teaching and Research in the field Disability Studies with focus on Public Health and Inclusive Community Development.

How do you lead /advocate for disability inclusive practices:

I advocate for inclusive practices through teaching and supervision of research and field work/community practice for students undertaking Community Based Rehabilitation, Mobility and Rehabilitation and Community Development and Social Justice programmes at Kyambogo University. I am also a National Master Trainer for Strengthening Education and Training in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and as a facilitator, I advocate for inclusive practices in SRHR for marginalized groups, including Persons with Disabilities. As a member and sectary to the Disability and other Special Needs Assessment Committee that implements Kyambogo University Disability Policy, I have participated in lobbying and advocating for disability inclusion, reasonable accommodation and equalization of opportunities for Persons with Disabilities and other Special Needs in Kyambogo University services and activities.

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